Who Is Matt Salazar? Why Don’t You Find Out!

My name is Matt Salazar and I’ve also been producing and mixing records here in Los Angeles for fifteen years. Throughout that time I’ve had the chance to work in some of the greatest recording studios in the world, not to mention the outstanding musicians I’ve been able to record. Artists I’ve developed have been signed to imprints of Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music. My own studio graced the cover of Mix Magazine twice and was awarded best in class in 2009. The first artist I signed and developed at In Flight Music Group hit No. 2 on Billboard’s New Big Sound chart.

Although the techniques involved in music production and mixing are obsessions of mine, I’m not here to “produce” or “mix” your song. I’m here to present your artistry in a way that catches the ears of new fans, promoters, bloggers, and industry professionals. If you don’t get butterflies the first time you listen to your new final mix, I don’t expect to get paid. I take you and your career seriously, I take your opinion seriously, and I take the art of music production seriously. Great music is the foundation of your career, and together we will aim for greatness.

I look forward to speaking with your soon!

Matt Salazar

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My Ideal Working Environment:

  1. Working alongside music professionals who know what they want to accomplish and are focused on obtaining it bring out the best in me.
  2. Musicians who continually strive to push their own creative boundaries and subsequently my own are the most rewarding in the end.

Sidenote: I’m always game for a great cigar with new friends… Let’s have a smoke!
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